Information for On-Line Passport Applicants

Regional passport office, Panaji, Goa now introduces online submission of passport applications through this website.

You can apply on line for a fresh passport (if you have never possessed a passport earlier), re-issue of passport (if your present passport of 10 years validity has expired or will expire in next 12 months or you wish to make any changes with respect to the existing passport), duplicate passport (if your present passport is lost or damaged). 

2- Only the residents falling under the jurisdiction of RPO, Panaji,  Goa are eligible to apply on-line through this website.

3- Through this site you can register your application with RPO Panaji, Goa. After registration, the system will ask you to Open / Save your application form. After Open / Save, please print the application form. (If you are not able to print the application form for any reason, you must note down the "application number". With the help of this application number and date of birth you can re-print the application form later. You can also print the application if you have Saved the application.) There are still some columns in the application form which you will have to fill by hand. You will have to visit RPO Panaji, Goa to submit the completed application form along with fee, supporting documents such as date of birth certificate, SLC, residence proof, qualification certificate etc. on the appointed day and time. 

The date and time of appointment at RPO Panaji will be informed by the on-line system and will also be printed on the application form.

5- Please visit RPO Panaji on the appointed date and time with all documents in original plus two xerox copies. You should arrive at RPO about 15 minutes before the appointed time and proceed to counter No. 8. On line applicants do not have to wait long in the queue.

6- Before you register your application on-line, please read the information on the website (Goa Passport office) carefully, particularly regarding instructions, fee structure and How to Apply.  

7- If for any reason you are late in reaching RPO Panaji on the day of appointment, we will try our best to accommodate you on the same day as soon as a slot in the queue becomes available.

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Apply on-line only if you are sure that you will be able to produce 
all the necessary documents on the date of appointment.